Memory Venice

56th Venice Biennale
Interventions with Raketa during the opening days in May 2015

A Memory Game developed in collaboration with Raketa Institute for the 56th Venice Biennale.
A memory game with poetic, irrational and humorous associative possibilities.
A memory game that does not offer two identical pictures to turn up.
A wander and meander with a starting point in the location - Venice.
To stumble in to
To be part of
To be continued
Venice Biennale
May 2015

The Memory in Venice partly runs with the writings and life of the poet Joseph Brodsky, adding layers about the Sea, about relations and about time and nature.  Besides playing at Biennale locations we planted flower seeds in the Isola di San Michele cemetery where Brodsky has his grave. The memory game continued on the island and the curious can find traces.
Invited players Curandi Katz and Nathaniel Katz together with
Susanne Skog, Åsa Lipka Falck, Veronica Wiman, Torun Ekstrand
June 2015

Played in the village Norinskaya in Arkhangelsk region during an expedition by Raketa. The Nobel Prize Winner Joseph Brodsky was born in Leningrad and exiled in Norinskaya in the 1960ties.
Raketa, The Mobile Institute: House in the Forest. The school in between and a nomadic residency that has traversed the Eurasian continent.
May 2015

Memory was part of From Soil to Structure, a program of artistic gestures and discussions around soil and urban memories. Artists, urban gardeners, residents and researchers met to experience, discuss as well as taste a specific moment in history.
Veronica Wiman/Raketa/Malmö, Möllevången, The Leonard garden terrace.

Press och media

"Vatten i fokus när konstmuseet öppnar ny utställning"
TV4 Kalmar

"Olika tolkningar av det oändliga havet"
Kalmar Läns Tidning

"En utställning om längtan och havet"
Sveriges Radio P4 Kalmar

"Kalmar konstmuseum visar Ocean - sjömannen, änkan och havet"

"Rent och rakt om sjömansromantik",


"Rent och rakt om sjömansromantik", Blekinge Läns Tidning, 18 februari 2010